I Love You Are Here

Hello my great frinds, thanks for taking the time to visit my beloved website were I like to share ideas and also show creations from people I know , in the hopes that I can inspire you to make your own.  

The best place to start is by just having an idea and begin to look for the materials to make it a reality, thats the way we all start. Have a vision in your mind, then make it happen in the real world. 

The Feather Collection

Jacob creation

This beautiful card were created by my dear friend Jacob. In them you can see the great craftmanship which with they were created. The feathers are a symbol of freedom and compassion, which is reflected in the texture of the cards. 

Colombian Artistry

Friends from Colombia

This was was inspired by our friend’s agency escorts Bogota. The materials that were used in this card are very gentle to the touch and also has a very kinky or even sexy look which goes to show that inspiration not only can have a loving connotation buy also a sensual vibe.

Fairy Tale

Pink card

This design projects the idea of a fiery tale. By looking at this card you are able to feel the magic of a love story from a very beautiful dream, the feeling it evokes is almost epic in nature. You can never go wrong when you bring flowers and pearls to your creations 🙂

Friends Forever

Friends Forever

There is nothing better than knowing you can count on someone unconditionally. True friends are the ones that are there when you need somebody to share your happiness and your sadness. Good people like this are the ones that occupy most of our fun memories in life. This hand made card represents all this and more. Learn how to create hand made cards like this one at scrapbook.com

Fun Pop Up Cards

Pop up cards

Fun cards like this ones can always be very entertaining to give as gifts to people we love or even to use in parties or special occasions. Folks usually appreciate guesstures like this when you are organizing something and want them know that you appreciate them and that you want them to be with you on that special moment.

Seductive Bow

Erotic Nature

This idea for a card was also created by the beautiful women from prepago Bogota, the idea of this composition is to transmit the message that incorporates sensuality, eroticism and some element of surprise. The style is elegant and very sophisticated, can be used also to invite people to your special sexy event, or to express your passion to your significant other.

Cool Bear

Bear on a bike
Gorgeous bear on a mini bicycle? Can't get more adorable than that! This kind of card can be used to express your appreciation to a friend or lover, and also can be used to decorate your bedroom. Whatever idea you have, always remembered to use this as a vehicle to express love to yourself or others.